Don’t get Green Snowball? Please see the short explanation below, or click to hear Dave read it for you.

So what is Green Snowball? It’s a podcast by two people — Kris and Dave — all about the Environment and how we, as ordinary people of ordinary means, can can help to stop ruining it.

Environmental degradation is happening. You don’t have to be an expert to work that out. Some of us — like me and like Krissy — do feel a sense of guilt and shame at this fact and we don’t want to be part of the problem.

However we’re not rich, we’re not scientists and we can only really make an impact on our own little sphere.

What we hope is that, by guiding you through some of the ways we’re reducing our environmental impact and hearing from you some of the ways your’re reducing yours, we can build a big green snowball which rolls all over the Earth, influencing people wherever our podcast can reach.

I do hope that you already care about our shared environment. If not, then I hope we can persuade you to care.

At the time of recording this, the big stories in the news are war in Ukraine, the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner and war in Gaza.

People are rightly upset, disturbed and angered by these stories. Men, women and children are dying on an unacceptable scale. Well, the same is true for climate change and environmental degradation.

Unfortunately, it’s so hard to quantify how many people are dying that the numbers don’t really make the news.

But rest assured that it is happening. We especially in the more developed world are more culpable than most. That’s why I care — hopefully that’s why you care as well — and hopefully we can take this journey together and just make ourselves a little less culpable and encourage our friends to be a little less culpable too.

We also want to inspire hope that change to our lifestyle can mean change to our environment and so we’ll look at some of the ways people around the world are already making a difference.

I do hope that you will join us on the Green Snowball journey, I do hope you get something from it and I do hope it enables you to give a little bit back to the Earth that sustains us all.


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