Episode 21- Put your foot where your mouth is


This week, Dave puts his foot where his money should be… or something.

For those of you unfamiliar with this culinary delight, here’s a recipe for Bubble & Squeak (but really, you don’t need a recipe at all).

Harper Lee’s new/old book, Go Set A Watchman is coming out this year. We recently saw To Kill A Mockingbird on stage were both completely swept up with it. The themes of fighting against racism and inequality, and of standing up for what’s right “even if you’re licked before you begin” really resonate – but also the value of the intangible things Atticus gives his children. He doesn’t have much more than his father’s pocket-watch and his late wife’s necklace to give to his children, but the lessons he teaches them are worth more than any material thing.

Dave briefly reviews Ubuntu Studio and he really likes it’s creative suite of programs. Kris uses some of them on her Mac – and this podcast is created using Audacity.

Kris has changed her search engine to DuckDuckGo and is happy with its search function and lack of personalisation.

Dave’s got active with the Green Party (and Kris is found out that as a Commonwealth citizen she has the right to vote in the UK – though she’s feeling a bit conflicted about it!)

Next week we’re talking through changing our banking. The resources we’ve drawn on include Ethical Consumer, Which and a new (to us) site, Move Your Money.


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