Episode 20 – Reviews, reviews, reviews!


Bonus points if you recognised the reference to Renegade Master by Wildchild. Kudos to you.

Here’s how the BBC covered the UK government’s appalling failure to stop the ongoing exploitation of fossil fuels. Imbeciles.

The Scottish Parliament has taken the green route, though. They banned fracking until further notice today. Scotland, we salute you!

Three cheers also to Tessa Munt MP, though, for taking a stand and standing down (?) over the issue.

The Global Justice site Dangerous Delusions has a fascinating list of common myths, with eye-opening graphics which will rock your world. You can even embed them on social media.

The Postcarbon Institute made an interesting video on the state of economic growth, asking whether there isn’t a more equitable way of doing things. Check out their website for more about them and their agenda.

Live a Better Life has a website with some weird articles on it. Some make sense. Others, not so much. But there are recipes and info on the LABL event in Liverpool.

There isn’t much info about parent organisation Ethics and Health Foundation online, but they’re (self-)listed on Ethical Consumer, which is sort of encouraging.

Check out the Espresso Mushroom Company if you fancy growing your own tasty mushrooms. And why wouldn’t you, frankly?

There’s some info about the Ambergris series of novels here.

The Ezy Peezy is a cool water-saving device, selected by Grand Designs as a green hero. Congratulations to you guys!

Head to the V Revolution Facebook page and check out that they’re doing in Manchester. Definitely drop in for a burger if you’re in town an looking for something tasty and vegan.

HappyCow is an amazing resource if you’re vegan, veggie or “pesky”. Head to the website, buy the mobile app and support them in their quest to bring meat-free food to the masses.

Use a loofah to wash your dishes! Seriously! You can even microwave them to sterilise them, if you think keeping one dish-washing thingamy for months is gross.

You can get them from Infinity Foods in Brighton and maybe the 8th Day Co-op in Manchester. And elsewhere, probably.

Check back next week for (hopefully) Chantal D, who may well convince us to go vegan…

Do you like hearing reviews on Green Snowball? We like doing them and we hope they’re useful. Do give us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.


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