Episode 19: Playing Cards and Going Green


Welcome to the show notes for Episode 19 of the Green Snowball podcast! We covered a lot of topics again this week.

This episode got a bit epic as we tried to multitask and play card games at the same time… (if you don’t want to listen to the bloody finish of the card game death match, stop listening at 35:00).

Here’s a 2013 article about ethical search engines, and the How Bad Are Bananas app that helped us find out how much carbon a web search and a data storage center use…

The Greens wrote to the BBC arguing they ought to be included in the upcoming political debates. The BBC responded in an open letter. One argument against the Greens’ inclusion in the debate seems to be cancelled out due to their recent surge in membership. You can find your local candidate (in the UK) on the “The Greens Are Coming” page.

We also talked about the musical Blood Brothers (trailer here), which we saw thanks to some free review tickets. It’s gloriously 80s but it’s also a very sharp reminder of inequality of wealth and what it can do to people. It seems very timely at the moment considering the economic situation in the UK, and the fact that apparently 1% of the global population now own 99% of the wealth.

So let’s try to  “Be the change you want to see in the world”… (even if the quote is a simplification of something Gandhi actually said, it’s a really admirable sentiment!).

(Speaking of which, there are some fascinating biographies of Gandhi out there. Things are never so simple as the bumper-sticker-sized snippets of history we learn at school. Consider George Orwell’s Thoughts on Gandhi, the 2011 biography Great Soul, or why not one of these 10 other (auto)biographies…)

AND last but not least, our PRODUCT REVIEW! We received 3 samples of the Eezy Peezy, a watersaving device. It is a block of blue sanitiser (secret ingredients) which sits in a plastic cage clipped into the bowl of the loo; it deodorises and sanitises the water so you don’t have to flush after every wee. It’s “Waterwise recommended” and has even been tested in 170,000 East Anglian homes and saved 12 million liters of water in a trial in Essex!

In our podcast we thought it was great, but were worried that the little plastic cage that the block sits in wasn’t recyclable. But it turns out that it is recyclable (as is the packaging), it definitely cut down on flushes, AND the little refills can be purchased separately. We initially gave it a 3.5 out of 5, but now would give it a 4 out of 5, mostly because I can’t figure out how to buy the refills on the website.

And laaaaaaaaaaaaast of all:

These reverse vending machines in Sydney are training people to recycle with rewards of train tickets, bus passes and other prizes. The process has already been proven to work training crows to collect rubbish in return for peanuts- so it makes sense that it would work on people too!

Thanks for listening!

PS: The thrilling background entertainment to this podcast is Round One of the Grand Open Championship of the Universe in Uno, played on a normal deck of cards (oh lordy, there’s even an Instructable on how to do this…)


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