Episode 14 – Extra!


Hello yet again, listener; Dave here. I wanted to go over a few points raised in the last episode and mention a news item I forgot to cover. I’d wait until next week, but we’ve already got ideas about what to cover then.

The holiday special should be up and it will raise all sorts of talking points. So here’s just a little addendum to Episode 14 – Let’s Get Evangelical!

The Register’s piece about Fair Phone’s stock problem is here. Again, I cannot endorse the phones as I don’t have one, but it might be an option to check out if your handset has text its last. Do you have one? Please get in touch on Twitter of Facebook.

What are the green lines you won’t cross? What luxuries won’t you give up? How green do we have to be, to be a good person?

Maybe you think I’m a hypocrite. If so, please tweet me and let me know where you think I’m going wrong.


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