Episode 14 – Let’s get evangelical!


Snap, crackle, pop! Dave forgot to use the pop filter this time, so the podcast sounds a bit psssppsspt. Sorry about that. But it’s been a while since he’s been involved in a recording. It might be time to invest in a second mic, too. Anyway…

The BBC covers news of the almost $10 billion fund to help less developed nations tackle the causes and effects of climate change.

But China just cannot get enough pork or chicken, according to this article on Earth Policy. This piece on South China Morning Post suggests that a booming interest in beef might be next.

While we’re at it, the guardian has this interesting table of meat consumption per capita, by country. By golly, we’re not setting a good example here in the UK.

(Australia, AKA “Barbecueland”, isn’t even on there! But here’s a cute story about a wallaby thought extinct which has been seen again.)

The Guardian covered that study about the decline of homophobia amongst young people back in 2012, as did The Economist.

Here’s the Atlantic article featuring novelist Teju Cole’s take on the #firstworldproblems phenomenon.

The row about the Band Aid 30 single is summarised by the Washington Post. You can buy it on iTunes, where you’ll also find the Africa Stop Ebola single. Why not buy both and double your donation?

There’s more about the Band Aid debate here, on the Guardian website. Beware the colourful (with a captial C, if you know what I mean) language!

Lastly, Oxfam has several projects supporting climate change adaptation on the ground. You can find out more on the charity’s website and make a donation there too.

Oh, also, here’s a piece on the rise of boardgames in coffee shops! Hipster, yes, but also low-carbon and almost endless fun. (Until you start losing.) We’re big fans of Geek Retreat in Newcastle, by the way. Find them on Twitter here.

We’re still on Twitter and Facebook, too.

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