Episode 13 – Lying in the Pig Sty; Looking at the Stars


From the low and lowly to the high and mighty, this week’s ‘cast touches on both pigs and spaceships.

It’s sort of old news now, but The Guardian has that video of the Antares supply rocket exploding. (Good lordy, think of the greenhouse gases!)

ars technica has the latest on the SpaceShipTwo disaster, at the time of uploading.

The IPCC released a statement with its Fifth Assessment Report. Ending fossil fuel use by 2100 sounds a bit mad, until you consider that pretty much every energy source bar wind and coal has been invented since 1900.

The Pig Pledge website will no doubt interest you, if you enjoyed Meat The Truth. It’s got a very handy guide on meat accreditation, telling you exactly what that sticker means.

Krissy’s sourdough bread book is this one. It’s a food with a curious history!

Visit Bread Matters if you’re interested in the difference between cheap white bread and better breads. The Independent also ran an interesting article about it.
Krissy’s wine recipes are taken from Terry Garvey’s The Joy of Home Wine-Making. Ask your friendly local bookmerchant about it!
We’re going to Amsterdam with DFDS Seaways. Maybe they’re good, maybe they’re pants; we don’t know yet. Still, the fact that they’re running ferries to Europe is pretty laudable in the age of low cost airlines!
The eagle-eared amongst you will have heard talk of toothbrushes, razors and other disposable things. They weren’t talked about this time, but we promise to squeeze them in next time! (Plus volunteering in your community.)

Drop us a line @GreenSnowPod or on Facebook before then! It makes the time between episodes drag less.


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