Episode 11 (at long last!) – Dave Flies Solo


Dave flies solo as Kris’ technical difficulties persist. So, if you like the sound of his voice then listen in as he talks long-distance cycling, eye-opening documentaries and armchair activism.

You can learn more about the Transpennine Trail at this website. Looking for a similar thing in your locale? Just search online for “cycle route” and your region – there are loads out there.

The Converging World has this handy carbon calculator which is nice for interest or suggesting a suitable carbon offset (something for a future episode).

Here’s that disturbing feature on intensively farmed chicken from the BBC. Honestly, if you think three portions of meat a day is sensible and sustainable, think again.

You can watch Meat the Truth in full at the documentary’s website. A highly recommended watch for anyone who gives a tiny, hairy piglet about food. (That goes double for those who don’t.)

Mr Cameron’s over in Brussels, making Britons look like a bunch of backward, uncooperative Luddites.

All the more reason to look at 38 Degrees and sign a petition to get the Greens a fair public platform! Or anything else that takes your fancy.




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