So you heard us on BBC radio…



Are you here because you heard Green Snowball get a big shout out from BBC Cornwall’s Mark Forrest on Thursday evening?

If so, “Hello and thanks for joining us!” Please scroll down the front page to find previous podcast episodes and get a feel for what we’re all about. (Do remember that we’re new to all this and excuse the technical slips!)

In a nutshell: We’re speaking up for those who can’t afford solar panels or hybrid cars; average people in ordinary circumstances who want to do their bit without breaking the bank or suffering unduly.

The project’s going pretty well, but your involvement would no doubt make it better. Please contact us on Facebook or Twitter and share your ideas; we’re itching to try them out.

We’ve got lots to discuss but we’re still very much transforming our lives and we’ve lots to learn. Educate us!

Many thanks to Mark for the air time. We want to start a revolution and prove to all that it’s not difficult, time-consuming or expensive. You’re helping get the big Green Snowball rolling!


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