One for the bike nerds…



This one’s for the cycling buffs out there. Dave spent a rewarding Tuesday evening working on his beastly bike and wanted to share the result.

The bike is a Raleigh Stonefly mountain bike, about 15 years old. The stickers are all taped over, as they were peeling off. The effect is a neat two-tone black and silver frame!

The frame, wheels, tyres, gears, brakes and drivetrain are stock, but the handlebars and seat are taken from a 1970s Universal road bike bought from a car boot sale (for a higher, comfier ride).

Added extras include:

  • Spot and flashing LED lights.
  • Front and read MTB mudguards.
  • Luggage rack taken from the Universal.
  • D lock and flexible lock (recommended security).
  • Water bottle rack and bottle.
  • Mini MTB tyre pump strapped on with bungee cord.
  • Emergency foam puncture repair strapped on with bungee.
  • Coming soon: Stand off the Universal (bracket needed).

This bike gets commuted on every day, now that the weather is wet. Why not share your own bike specs and pics? Tweet @GreenSnowPod and encourage others to get cycling.


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