Episode 9 – Extra!



Yes, yes. This extra portion of Episode 9 is coming after Episode 10, but Dave forgot to upload it earlier.

Green Snowball took part in the Waste Less, Live More 2014 (#wllm14) challenge on Twitter while dreaming up Episode 9.

Each of us did seven things throughout the week to encourage reflection on – and ultimately reduce – wastefulness.

It was good, clean, thought-provoking fun. Dave’s week went as follows:

  • #valueit – Bought a second hand jacket from a charity shop.
  • #discoverit – Cycled to a nearby cemetery and looked at the war graves.
  • #makeit – Made a tray of flapjacks so he could…
  • #shareit – Shared coffee and cake at the Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.
  • #fixit – Fixed up his bike with parts from a busted old one.
  • #borrowit – Borrowed the novel Of Mice and Men from his brother.
  • #growit – Started growing two avocados (one for Krissy) and a batch of wine.

Krissy’s week looked something like this:

  • #valueit – Valued the peace and quiet of a Northumbrian park.
  • #discoverit – Discovered what she could do with a romanesque cauliflower.
  • #makeit – Made a tea cozy for her landlord’s birthday.
  • #shareit – Shared her knowledge at a conference and her cake at a coffee morning.
  • #fixit – Got her bike fixed at a local bike repair shop.
  • #borrowit – Borrowed the book Sleep, Sex or Scrabble? (Why not all three?)
  • #growit – Grew a bread and an avocado (without even knowing it).

What did you do for #wllm14 week? Let us know on Twitter @GreenSnowPod and share your waste reduction tips with the world! (Or rather, a small but growing part of the world!)


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