Episode 10 – Water Lotta Savings!


Green Snowball has migrated from Microsoft Windows (Big! Slow! Generic!) to Ubuntu Studio (Slick! Fast! Specialised!) this week. Dave is still learning it, so this week’s episode sounds a bit weird.

He forgot to switch off auto pausing when no-one was speaking, so it all sounds a bit rushed because no-one ever stops for breath. Still, hopefully you’ll get the gist!

Read more about Software Freedom Day – an organisation promoting access to open source software for creativity and education (like Ubuntu Studio). You don’t have to pay megabucks to make the most of your computer!

If you’re living in Yorkshire you can get a free Yorkshire Water water saving kit by going to their web page here.

The Which? website has a page all about disposing of electrical goods. It links to the Bin It Don’t Bin It website, which will lead to your nearest recycling facilities in the UK.

Not in the UK? Your country might host a similar site, so stick it in a search engine and find out. If you can help out your compatriots with handy recycling info, share it with the world by tweeting to us @GreenSnowPod!

Which? also has info at this page here about saving energy when you shop for or use your appliances.

Sust-It has those handy sliders showing you how much money your old appliance is wasting and the Natural Resources Defense Council has tips on shopping for new ones.

Don’t forget to check out the Facebook page and get in touch! We always like hearing from you on Twitter, too.


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