Episode 9 – Melodica Madness and #WLLM14


You’ve waited long enough for this week’s Green Snowball, so here it is at long last – you’ve earned it!

This week’s podcast is full of boobs. (Not like that.) The first one: You’ll find out more about the awful costs of war at Costs of War, not Cost of War.

The “Audubon” Dave enthused about is (was) ornithologist John James Audubon, who has a national society named after him. Read more about their report about declining bird habitats on the Discovery Channel’s news pages.

The US National Audubon Society’s dedicated climate change page is also full of interesting information.

Read about Original Unverpackt’s exciting new zero packaging supermarket on The Guardian’s website. The shop’s website is here, if you speak German.

Read Russia Today’s story on PETA’s insensitive letter, more about PETA on their website here and more about their unsavoury practices at PETA Kills Animals. (Warning: graphic images.) Then decided whether or not to support them, animal-loving Ballies.

Dave didn’t think to find out who was running Waste Less Live More. (It was by Keep Britain Tidy.) Did you take part in #WLLM14? Get in touch on Twitter and let us know how!

There’s still time to join in with Macmillan Cancer Support‘s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning! It’s good fun and a great excuse to eat loads of cake. For charity!

Thanks again for tuning in. (Sorry about the sound quality – Dave fiddled with his settings and broke them.)



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