Episode 8 – Krissy’s Nuts!


Team Green Snowball talks politics again this week. Dave explores his options while Krissy reveals she has none… then talks about her nuts.

If you’ve no idea what Linux is, it’s a family of computer operating systems (like Windows or iOS) designed by communities of software developers, not enormous corporations.

It forms part of the free software movement, which encourages users to modify and improve on software without fear of prosecution.

Based on the Green Snowball principles of buying from the little guy rather than the big guy, this seems like a smart move. Especially as Windows stinks and Mac is… well, Mac.

Think you know about ethical computing? Please get in touch and give us some tips.

Ban Ki Moon and Leonardo DiCaprio were out on the streets protesting against climate change today, along with tons of other people.

Green Snowball managed to miss this all together, but the marchers have our unbridled support! Read more here and here.

Did you take part in the global climate rally? Let us know how awesome it was by tweeting @GreenSnowPod.

The Green Party is looking more and more like the choice for Dave, especially as they have ideas about power devolution and making officials more accountable – not just green stuff.

If you haven’t seen their mini manifesto yet, you should check it out. Again, we’re not party members or campaigners, just two people (well, one person) looking for the most ethical option.

(See here for info – if you’ve miraculously missed it until now – on the emerging child abuse cover-up scandal in Rotherham, South Yorkshire and here for the cost of funding the House of Lords!)

So go ahead and vote, vote, VOTE! Go here if you’re living in the UK, here if you’re living in Oz and… everyone else sort yourselves out.

Are you a teenage green activist? Tweet us and shut Dave up. Alternatively, find us on Facebook and stick it to him!

Lush still makes totally delish bathroom products which we love (mostly). They’re rated highly by Ethical Consumer, too!

Krissy’s thinking of changing her moisturiser because moisturiser is bad for you now, apparently. Don’t go over the top and start chucking out perfectly good scrubbers after just a few weeks, though…

Krissy used these soap nuts from Infinity Foods in Brighton. Apparently they come from the Himalaya.

Hopefully they’re transported. Hopefully they come by solar-powered airship or something. We’ll try to find out and let you know!

Dave didn’t explain the workings of the Co-Op, or the potential rewards, very well at all. Please see their membership website if you’re in the UK and want to know more.

Lastly, for goodness’ sake, contact us on Twitter or Facebook! Send us abuse, even! Maybe not abuse. Constructive criticism is most welcome, though. Ta!



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