Episode 7 – Happy Travels ‘n’ Junk


You’ll be pleased to hear that Dave has got over himself and chillaxed this week, so you won’t need to take notes on this episode.

Brighton is fantastic. Think about taking a holiday there. Go by train and make use of a Two Together Railcard!

While you’re there, visit Infinity Foods, which is an admirable effort to bring green and ethical products together in one place. If you don’t fancy buying, you can at least get some inspiration there.

Dave highly recommends buying a small jar of Vitam Essential Yeast Extract and saving it for special toast-based occasions.

Soapnuts are crazy, natural laundry “tablets” used by people for thousands of years, according to Wikipedia. We’ll let you know whether they’re any good in a future episode.

If you’re not someone who charity shops, do yourself a favour and try it! They’re not full of weirdos or “poor people” and it’s super satisfying when you find something good for a quid.

If your home is an unholy mess and you don’t know what you’ve got, take a look at UfYH (caution: grown-up language). It’s a great motivator, if a bit sweary.


Here’s the super effective, homemade junk mail sticker! Have you made one? Tweet it to us using @GreenSnowPod, post it on our Facebook page or e-mail it to us!

If no-one gets in touch, Dave will be sad.


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