Episode 6 – Save Water: Shower with a Friend


Lots of facts and figures to digest this week. If you can’t be bothered with them, just know this: showering with friends saves the planet!

Eat Less Red Meat To Save The Planet, Say Academics article (from The Guardian), also covered by The Week, and The Independent for this week’s News.

Water-saving facts and figures from WaterWise (and some more!), and some American statistics from the EPA site.

Resources for cheaper low-carbon travel: Transport Direct lets you combine different public transport services to plan a journey (using bus, train, and walking). We used this East Coast rail carbon calculator to check the carbon saving of choosing the train over the car. I also researched discount train fares on nationalrail, raileasy, thetrainline. We saved money and brought the cost down to close to that of driving by booking Advance Fares and buying a Two Together rail card.

What we cooked this week: We made these carrot cupcakes and a tart inspired by this recipe (but with onion relish instead of pesto, and topped with coriander… yum!). Also if you’d like to try out making elderberry wine, we’re trying this recipe. We’ll let you know how it tastes – so make sure to tune in for a special taste test podcast in 12 months’ time!


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