Episode 5 – Dave’s Smug Problem


By the magical, time-hopping power of podcasting, Green Snowball brings you last weekend… this weekend!Considering an electric car? Do your research first. Some think they’re worse than petrol cars, others say they’re clean and green.

Why do we keep banging on about not eating meat? Travis McKnight recently summed up the pro-veg argument for The Guardian.

Making a list or a poster can help you start achieving your green goals. Lifehack has some interesting advice but Dave found that a big, bold poster was a good start.


There’s no link we can give you for your local greengrocer, so hit the darned high street and look them up!

Dave is reviewing various apps, with mixed success. Feedback and recommendations will crop up in a future episode.

Are you doing the “Veggie Box Challenge”? Please let us know on Facebook or Twitter about your efforts and successes!

io9 linked to a really long article on TechnoBuffalo about the history and future of airships.

Dave recently found this 2010 article by The Engineer on various new airship ideas, including the MAAT (which he tried to describe in this episode).

Listen up, read up, get in touch and tune in next time!


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