Episode 4 – Soap, Voting and Phones


What the heck is Billy Conolly’s Wibbly Wobbly Wallaby Colony? Nothing, alas. It’s just a tongue-twister we made up after reading about wild wallabies in the UK.

You can find out all about Lush products by visiting their website. They’re environmentally friendly and they work (as far as we can see). And they smell nice, too.

Dave can’t find that BBC interview on the European Supergrid proposal. Still, you can read much more here, at Friends of the Supergrid.

Have a look at the 38 Degrees website and see what people power actions you can get involved with.

If you’re in the UK, then the Green Party is the pro-environment choice when election time comes. See the Green Party’s policy website for more info.

Please note that this isn’t a political endorsement. We’re still researching the party ourselves and haven’t yet decided to definitely vote for them. We think they’re great for fighting the green fight, though.

Here’s the link to the solar collector story on Engadget (and here’s what HELIOS One is, if it interests you at all).

The People’s Operator website tells you much more about the ethical mobile phone provider, voted #1 by Ethical Consumer.

Green Snowball’s Facebook page is here! Don’t forget that you can also find us on Twitter and, if you’re really old-school, you can e-mail!


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