How do we compare?


Green Snowball is only three episodes old, but our journey began some months ago and we’re already doing things to reduce our impact.Here’s a list of the things Dave’s doing to lower his carbon footprint and reduce the impact of his lifestyle on other people.

Some of these will no doubt be explored in future episodes of Green Snowball, so please keep tuning in!

  1. The “one light bulb rule”: If I’m not sitting under it, it’s switched off.
  2. Eating meat very rarely. Getting most protein from nuts and Freedom Food eggs.
  3. Cycling to work every day.
  4. Cycling home to make my lunch. Not buying sandwiches or salads in packets!
  5. Not buying any more new clothes, ever (except underwear and shoes).
  6. Buying other stuff at charity shops (CDs, books, kitchen utensils etc.).
  7. Buying second-hand, if not from a charity.
  8. Looking for ethical shopping alternatives (e.g. Lush).
  9. Buying most food at small, local shops and farms.
  10. Cycling to the shops instead of driving.
  11. Never, ever taking carrier bags from supermarkets.
  12. Avoiding processed foods as much as possible. Making my own soup etc.
  13. Avoiding food in plastic packaging. Sticking with glass, metal, paper or nothing.
  14. Buying Fairtrade chocolate, coffee, teabags etc.
  15. Buying recycled toilet paper from companies which replace cut trees.
  16. Recycling about 90 percent of my non-food waste.
  17. Never switching on the heating. Putting on jumpers when it gets cold.
  18. Podcasting to try and encourage others to do the same!

Are you trying to live a more ethical life? Please post your list and see how we compare. Leave a comment below, e-mail the show or get in touch on Twitter.


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