Episode 3 – Cooking and Cleaning


Green Snowball is in the kitchen this week, cooking up a storm and saving the planet to boot! Check out the pics on our Twitter feed.

Stick “farm shop [your town]” in Google and get maps showing farm shops near you!

If you didn’t hit the link last episode Friends of the Earth produced an eye-opening report on why it’s best to avoid shopping at supermarkets, where possible.

(Okay, so we sometimes shop at supermarkets too. Let’s face it, they’re open late and they’re everywhere. We just shop there as little as possible and pick organic, fair trade products when we do.)

This Ethical Consumer page suggests five high street shops where your money does good. Guess what? The Co-operative and Lush are both on there!

Meanwhile, this one has a long, LONG list of companies to boycott and outlines the reasons why. Now, no-one is expecting you to memorise these and avoid at all costs, but you might want to look up your favourite store, check out their ethical creds and find an alternative if what you read bothers you.

Oh, and hit the Lush website for a look at what they do and why. We can’t endorse their products until we’ve tried some more out, but their ethics are certainly on the mark.

For great veggie recipes which are easy to follow, try BBC Good Food. The Love Food Hate Waste website is also great! Put in the food you’ve got too much of and get a recipe which uses it.

This interesting Ethical Consumer page reports on the environmental costs of buying a mobile. (I wish I’d found it before buying mine!) Check it out, choose wisely and consider whether you really need that new one.)

There are loads of companies which will recycle your old phone, but wouldn’t it be nice if Friends of the Earth benefited too? Find out more here.

Lastly, are you good at jam? Please get in touch and give us your tips; we wouldn’t want to waste these blackberries on a duff batch! Tweet or e-mail by hitting those links!


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