Episode 1 – Motivations


Thanks for tuning in again! Hopefully this episode will get a favouriting from @RDT_Environment, like the tweet announcing that it would be late…

Apologies this week are for the less-than-perfect editing. We tried recording Green Snowball in the same room with two mics and it was not a good idea. Back to Skype next time.

But we’re getting the hang of this now, we hope. If you think we’re still rubbish, why not tweet us @GreenSnowPod and tell us! Seriously. It would be nice just to know that someone listened.

See Episode 0 – Introductions for links to the environmental impact calculators, see what everyday activites and purchases affect your rating and see how you compare with us.

BBC turtles story (possibly the one the recent radio item was based on) is at the link.

Anti-Slavery, the anti-slavery organisation, has loads of information about modern slavery on its website.

The interview Stephen Sackur’s interview with Chris Packham, on BBC’s HardTalk programme, can still be seen (they filmed it too!) on the BBC iPlayer if you live in the UK.

If Green Snowball still doesn’t make sense to you, don’t panic; there are some mini meta episodes in the pipeline.

If you don’t know anything about global warming, start here if you like graphs or here if you like maps.

If you don’t believe in global warming, know that you’re in a minuscule minority of fantasists and need to join us in the real world or bugger off!


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