Episode 0 – Introductions


Thanks for tuning in to Green Snowball; the podcast by two people tackling the environmental and social implications of being… a person.

Please excuse the longedness and scatterbrainedness of this episode; we had literally no idea what we were doing.

Zero Waste at Home is here, so check it out!

If you’ve listened and still don’t understand what the heck it’s all about (and we wouldn’t blame you at all), take these tests and see how your life measures up.

Carbon Independent calculates how many planets would be needed to sustain your current habits.

The WWF Footprint Calculator does similar. Not brought to you by professional wrestlers.

The Slavery Footprint website tells you how many slave labourers it takes to sustain your lifestyle. (Hint: One is too many.)

Get in touch and tell us your scores, as well as your thoughts. E-mail greensnowball@outlook.com or tweet @GreenSnowPod.




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